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You Are Worthy. You Deserve This.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Your Monday Pep Talk

Giving yourself that Monday pep talk?

"You can do this. You can do this. You can get through this week."

Right now, you may like your job and you LOVE your family - but you probably feel like something is holding you back.

I always used to call it this ceiling I couldn't break through.

I felt like everything I tried, I did OK at. Ever get that feeling?

It's a yeah, I was pretty mediocre. I got average results.

Whether it was getting up early to work out - accomplished that 2 days out of 7.
Or starting to write a book - get really excited, lose steam and then deserting it.
Or try to stay focused and my kids "needing" me.

Actually, it was all my kids "needing" me.

I put that in quotes because most of the things I did for them, they could probably do themselves.

Things like:
help them "find" a snack,
look for an earring they desperately need to find,
stop and watch every single funny video they want to show me.

All of social media, extended family, well-meaning elders - said, "enjoy them when they're young because they won't be like this when they're teens."

It seeped it in to me, and it led to me always choosing what my kids "needed" over what I actually NEEEDED.

I needed quiet space.
I needed time with adult friends where I wasn't interrupted.
I needed someone to tell me that my needs actually mattered.

And so I'm telling you.

Your needs matter.

If you're feeling any ounce of resentment towards your partner or your kids right now, it because you're pushing your needs down - and that's a good sign to dig deeper.

You're worth it. I want to see you happy.

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There’s a big misconception that to be a good mom, you have to be 100% available to your kids – and sacrifice what you want for your family’s overall good.

Mom life can be happier. We can raise great kids and focus on growing ourselves, too.

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